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Free Online English-Japanese Dictionary

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Do you want to find a free online English-Japanese dictionary to translate a word or sentence from English to Japanese?

Here is a selection of free online English-Japanese dictionaries.

Xpresstranslations.com will not be held responsible for the content of the websites mentioned here.

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World Star Free Dictionaries and Search Engines site is not a mere collection of web pages, but a heavy software program composed of hundreds of World Best Dictionaries and Searches. The site includes an instant English-Japanese translator, as well as search engines from five continents.

Freedict.com English-Japanese dictionary provides instant translation of English words and phrases up to 49 characters long. It includes links to other sites of interest about Japan, as well as freedict.com online translators for other languages.

Pacific Software Publishing offers this free bi-directional English Japanese dictionary. The dictionary is not designed to accept Romanized transliteration of Japanese words. Translations may include phrases using the chosen word.

Excite - Kenkyusha
Excite - Kenkyusha is a web site in Japanese that contains a free English to Japanese dictionary (175,000 entries in Japanese).

TV5 Monde Alexandria
TV5MONDE presents its brand-new English-Japanese free dictionary. This on-line multilingual electronic tool operates as a terminological database, enabling users to search for the translation and definition of a word to and from 22 different languages, including Japanese.

This English-Japanese language site includes a free English / Romanized Japanese translation dictionary, a searchable dictionary, and even a free, printable introductory-level Japanese language textbook.

EUdict (European Dictionary) brings together several free online dictionaries, including an English-Japanese dictionary.

Hikyaku provides several English-Japanese dictionaries designed by Free Light Software. These include a Japanese kanji word dictionary, a kanji character dictionary, a katakana word dictionary, and several subject-based Japanese dictionaries. This free tool also enables you to send a query to Japanese search engines.

A site which offers an English>Japanese dictionary, free of charge, with pronunciation of words in English.

On this Internet site, you can find a free online bilingual dictionary that allows you to translate English words into Japanese (Japanese and Romaji).

On the Freelang site, you will find a free translation dictionary from English to Japanese (rômaji), which you can consult online or download.

From Language to Language
From Language to Language is a language site offering a free translation dictionary from English to Japanese. The multilingual Langtolang Dictionary enables users to translate words from and to 31 different languages.

This site is entirely in Russian, but for the advanced student, offers a quick and easy English-Japanese online dictionary.

Logos bills itself as the largest freely accessible multilingual dictionary on the web, with dictionaries in 232 languages. English words and phrases can be translated into Japanese at the touch of a button. Logos also features a universal conjugator, children’s dictionary, and more than 43,000 online books in over 100 languages, including 22 in Japanese.

This site offers instant translations of English and Japanese words. This free English-Japanese dictionary contains 400,000 words.

Free Light Software
Free Light Software’s Web Dictionary is a free online dictionary for translating English words into Japanese. It contains compound words of two or more kanji characters.

English-Japanese Audio Dictionary of Current Idioms
Loecsen provide a travel dictionary enabling users to translate words or current idioms from English to Japanese and to listen to their Japanese pronunciation.

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