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Free Online Chinese-English Dictionary

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Do you want to search a free online Chinese-English dictionary to translate a word or sentence from Chinese into English?

Here is a selection of free online Chinese-English dictionaries.

Xpresstranslations.com will not be held responsible for the content of the websites mentioned here.

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Lexibase Collins Chinese-English / English-Chinese
This new on-line dictionary service provided by Softissimo enables users to look up the reference content of the famous Collins Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary free. This dictionary contains thousands of words and phrases with translations in context, definitions, or synonyms.

Chinese Dictionary
Chinese Dictionary is the first multilingual Chinese dictionary online. It currently offers look-up facilities for ten languages, including Chinese and English. Its interface is simple to use with just a single search box. There is no need to specify the nature of the search: Chinese, Pinyin, English– whatever the language, the program will detect it automatically. You can also find information about learning Chinese and Chinese culture on the site.

Pristine Lexicon
The Pristine Lexicon is a free, online Chinese-English, lexicon and dictionary for language learning, technical research and general use. With over 390,000 entries to date, the Pristine Lexicon includes a large corpus of general-use terms but primarily focuses on specialized terminology and proper nouns from a broad range of professional and academic areas.

Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage
The Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage is available with Chinese or English instructions and navigational links. Based on a lexicon developed by Lin Yutang (1895-1976), it offers multiple translations and phrases containing each word.

TV5 Monde Alexandria
TV5MONDE presents its brand-new Chinese-English free dictionary. This on-line multilingual electronic tool operates as a terminological database, enabling users to search for the translation and definition of a word to and from 22 different languages, including Chinese.

World Star Free Dictionaries and Search Engines site is not a mere collection of web pages, but a heavy software program composed of hundreds of World Best Dictionaries and Searches. The site includes an instant Chinese-English translator, as well as search engines from five continents.

A site which offers a Chinese>English dictionary, free of charge, with pronunciation of words in English.

CantoDict Project
This free translation tool from the CantoDict Project actually includes several services, including search/translation of Chinese characters, written and spoken words, sentences and common phrases.

This Chinese-English dictionary is a searchable by entering English, Chinese (using either the GB, Big5, or Unicode encodings), or Pinyin words. Search results display the Chinese word in traditional characters (along with simplified characters if different), the Pinyin (phonetic transcription) of the word (with audio), and the English meaning.

This dictionary from TigerNT instantly translates Chinese and PinYin words into English, with output in a choice of image files. When searching by Chinese, you can tell the dictionary to find entries that start with the characters, end with the characters, or have the characters anywhere within the final word. When searching by PinYin, you can include or exclude tone numbers (1-4 and 5 for the neutral tone).

This free Chinese>English dictionary provides instant translations of words and phrases, as well as offering a broad range of phrases containing the word in question.

This free beta version dictionary translates Chinese word or expressions into English.

On this Internet site, you can find a free online bilingual dictionary that allows you to translate Chinese words into English.

On the Freelang site, you will find a free translation dictionary from Cantonese (romanized) to English, which you can consult online or download.

From Language to Language
From Language to Language is a language site offering a free translation dictionary from Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese to English. The multilingual Langtolang Dictionary enables users to translate words from and to 31 different languages.

This Chinese-English dictionary enables you to find the translation of words and phrases from Chinese (or Hanyu Pinyin) or English.

Logos bills itself as the largest freely accessible multilingual dictionary on the web, with dictionaries in 232 languages. Chinese words and phrases can be translated into English, and vice-versa, at the touch of a button. Logos also features a universal conjugator, children’s dictionary, and more than 43,000 online books in over 100 languages, including 146 in Chinese.

This site offers instant translations of Chinese and English words. This free Traditional Chinese-English dictionary contains 400,000 words.

Hakka-English Dictionary
This transliterated Hakka-English dictionary allows the user to select the initial sounds of a Hakka word to access a list of words beginning with that sound. Hakka is a Chinese language spoken predominantly in southern China by the Hakka ethnic group.

ITU Telecommunication Dictionary
The ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is an institution of the United Nations specialising in information and communication technologies. On its site, it offers a Chinese>English language database specialised in telecommunication terminology.

This is an online multilingual terminology database (Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic) that was initially intended for UN staff but has now been made accessible to the public. It allows you to translate Chinese phrases or words into English.

Mandarin Tools
These pages tools to people who are studying and using Chinese. Tools include the DimSum Chinese Reading Assistant, Character Flashcards, a Chinese/English dictionary, the Chinese Namer, and the Western/Chinese Calendar Converter, as well as a character converter.

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